Financial Summary
2013 , we constructed a balanced layout of the company in the global carrier networks , enterprise business and consumer areas have access to a stable and healthy development , the annual sales income of RMB 239,025 million, an increase of 8.5%.

Corporate Governance
Shareholders of the Company will be the highest authority of the company capital , profit distribution, election of directors on major issues / supervisors and other decision-making.

Research and development
We have established 16 research institute in Germany, Sweden , the United States , India, Russia , Japan, Canada , Turkey, China, and research and development staff of products and solutions about 70,000 ( 45% of the total number ) .

Network Security
We will build and implement a comprehensive end to end global network security system as an important development strategy of the company . Network security is a global challenge , and only through global cooperation suppliers, customers and between policy and law makers , in order to cope with the global network security challenges in terms of achieved remarkable results . We must share knowledge and experience , pragmatic cooperation and common efforts to reduce the risk of unexpected techniques were caused by abuse .