Development process


Global Financial Risk Control Centre in London, England , Huawei's global financial regulatory operational risk , ensure business norms Finance , efficient and low-risk operation ; European logistics center in Hungary officially put into operation , the radiation in Europe , Central Asia, Middle East and Africa countries.
The main promoter of the project as EU 5G , UK 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC) initiator , publish 5G white papers, and actively build 5G global ecosystem, and conduct joint research and close more than 20 universities in the world ; Huawei to build the future of wireless technology , industry standards and industry chain actively contribute.
400G router business plan to get 49 customers have been recognized and put into commercial scale ; addition, Huawei has released the first 1T routing backbone router line cards , as well as large -capacity WDM 40T prototype and all-optical switching network AOSN new architecture.
Continued to lead the global LTE commercial deployment , has entered the capital in more than 100 cities worldwide , covering nine major financial centers.
Released the world's first business- centric and user experience network architecture and the world's first agile agile switch S12700, new applications to meet the needs of cloud computing , BYOD, SDN, networking, multi-service and big data.
Consumer- centric, OK practice words (Make it Possible) continue to focus on quality strategy , including the flagship model of the brand Huawei Ascend P6 achieve profits win , get a historic breakthrough in the smart phone business into a global TOP3, our brand awareness worldwide mobile phone an increase of 110%.


Continue to promote global localization management, enhanced investment in Europe , focusing on increased investment in the UK , the new R & D center in Finland and in France and Britain established a local Board of Directors and Advisory Board
Contributions to 3GPP LTE core standards by 20 percent of the global total of proposal
Released the industry's first 400G DWDM optical transport system , in the field of publishing industry's largest capacity IP 's 480G board
And customers in 33 countries worldwide launch cloud computing collaboration , and build a 70,000 -scale the world's largest desktop cloud
Launch of Ascend P1, Ascend D1 quad-core , glory and other high-end flagship product selling in developed countries


Published GigaSite solutions and ubiquitous ultra-broadband network architecture U2Net.
Construction of the 20 cloud computing data centers.
Smartphone sales reached 20 million .
To $ 530 million acquisition of Chinese race.
Integration set up a " 2012 laboratory ."
Published HUAWEI SmartCare solutions.
Worldwide LTE capsule for six top prizes.


Global deployment of more than 80 SingleRAN commercial networks , of which 28 have been commercially released or upcoming LTE / EPC business.
Security Certification Center was established in the UK .
Energy Conservation Voluntary Agreement signed with China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology .
Join the United Nations World Commission on broadband .
By the British " Economist" magazine in 2010 the company Innovation Award .